Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lafayette's Ice Cream Social of 1875

In 1875, The Daily Oregonian did a nice long write-up on Lafayette's Independence Day celebration - a gathering that had 3000-4000 people as its guests - that is the approximate population of our whole town today!

The article also happens to mention that "an abundance of good ice cream, of which there were no less than three stands" was enjoyed there by our town's pioneers.

Since starting the kids parade and picnic 4 years ago, our small parade team has not been able to find enough volunteers to bring this ice cream tradition back.  But we have managed to honor this fun town memory with the help of Mcminnville's Serendipity Ice Cream, who have been donating gift certificates as prizes for our parade contest.

So, if you plan on walking or riding the parade with your little ones this year, put a little creativity into your efforts and you might just earn yourself an ice cream treat.

And whether you win a prize or not,  consider making ice cream for a fun nostalgic family activity on the 4th.    Below is a link showing you how to make ice cream in a bag - a great recipe because it allows your kids to make their own bag of pure All-American yumminess!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Fruity Fourth

Seasonal fruit provides endless opportunities to get creative on the "4th".  Making patriotic treats out of nature's goodies is a fun activity to do with your kids in preparation for the holiday!   

The following link will lead you to more fruity desserts for the 4th:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Don't forget their helmets!

Since this is a bike parade, it is probably worth the time to review Oregon helmet laws! Below is a great website with some helpful info not only about the laws, but about bike safety in general!