Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Liberty's Kids - "Gem" of a cartoon prepares kids for the holiday

This cartoon series introduces children to the Revolutionary War and teaches them about the birth of our nation.  The series is well-done, with the voices coming from an all-star cast.  Cartoons are a dime a dozen these days but this one will actually teach your kids something important while entertaining them.

The whole series can be ordered on

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bike Parade Safety 101

It's hard to believe this will be the 5th year for this little bike parade!!  Along the way, we've learned some lessons and one of those is regarding bike safety during the parade.  If you have children riding their bike this year, please read the following tips:

Tip #1:  Stay with your children.  Some children in the past have been so excited about the fire engine,  they tried to "catch" up to them and ride beside them.    To avoid this dangerous situation, CERT volunteers, who help with event safety and security,  carry a banner behind the vehicles and make sure all children stay behind this banner.   You, as a parent, can help them do this by making sure your children know beforehand to stay away from all vehicles and most importantly, to stay close to you.

Tip #2:  Come prepared!  Kids and bikes equal the perfect recipe for scrapes and falls.  Make sure your child has a helmet and knee pads are not a bad idea either.  And don't forget to stuff a few bandaids in your pocket before you head out the door.  If you have any falls, pull out of the parade line to the sidewalk so you and child don't get run over by other little bicyclists behind you while you give some TLC.   After the parade, the CERT volunteers will have a first aid kit at their booth as well but maybe a free popsicle will prove to be just what the doctor ordered...

Tip #3:  Pull back if it gets congested.  The bike riders sometimes get too crowded together and are more susceptible to falls that way.  The biggest crowd will be right behind the CERT banner so if you have new and very young bike riders or just want your child to have more space, you might want to start out near back of parade where it's less crowded.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

April 17th, 2015 - Honoring Joel Perkins and the little park he gave to the town of Lafayette

Did you know that Joel Perkins Park is older than the state of Oregon??  It became a "public square" used for recreational purposes in 1849,  10 years before Oregon officially became one of the United "states".  Oregon was a "territory" up to that point.  Crazy little piece of trivia, huh?

On April 17th, the state of Oregon is placing a historical marker at this little park to recognize and honor this park's namesake, Joel Perkins, who also happens to be founder of the town.  He donated this block of land to be used as the town's public square when he platted Lafayette.   The earliest known event at the "square" took place in 1850 when it was the starting point for a July 4th parade.  The park itself is also being honored for being the oldest of its kind in Yamhill County.  

The ceremony will start at 12:30pm and will last about a half-hour.   We are so excited to see one of Lafayette's most interesting stories told on this beautiful marker so residents can learn about this town's rich heritage and the Oregon pioneer who started it.  For those who cannot come, the marker will be at the park for all to see at this year's July 4th Liberty Kids Parade and Picnic.  More info. on this year's event will be coming soon!