Parade/Contest Details

Decorating Stations:  From 10:15-10:45, children can come decorate their "wheels".  Simple bike decorating kits will be handed out until they are gone.

 Wheels and other prop ideas for parade:
-Bikes, wagons, scooters, strollers
-baby-doll carriages
-small pets
-Banners/patriotic posters
*Trikes and toddler vehicles are allowed but discouraged as it will be difficult for them to keep up. 

*No Motorized Vehicles:   Because this is a bike parade and has so many children, we highly discourage motorized vehicles except for the fire engine and veterans who would prefer to not walk.   In addition to safety, we are limited in space as well because our route takes us through residential neighborhoods  (we are unable to use 3rd Street because it is a state highway)


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