About Us

How It Started
In 2011, a small group of moms in Lafayette decided to organize a simple Fourth-of-July kids parade in town as a fun way to unite our community and focus on what we have in common:  a love for our country and for our children.

One of the moms had come up with the idea after learning that Lafayette was host to some of the earliest Fourth-of-July events in Oregon. This, along with the fact that the town bears the name of a Revolutionary War hero, was enough to inspire all four of the moms to bring July 4th gatherings back to this town.

The city is now in charge of coordinating the event, but they rely on volunteers to help make it happen.  They normally contribute about $500.00 as well, which is about 12 cents per Lafayette taxpayer.  Most of what is offered at the event comes from the generous local churches and businesses who want to serve the families in our town.  We are so thankful for everyone's support!

 Our Vision

While Americans have perfected the Fourth-of-July party that celebrates our nation's birthday, many of us have forgotten how we even began.  We would like to offer an event that helps teach young people - the next generation - about the unique heritage of our nation.  After all, how will they appreciate the country they live in if they do not know its story?  This blog is one small effort to "educate".

We also are hoping this event unites Lafayette citizens, bringing families out from their backyard BBQ's for a bit to get to know the people in our own community.

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